Britt Anderson

What to Wear

Bring a variety of colors, but try and stay away from stripes and plaids. They tend not to photograph as well as fun patterns and solid colors. Layers adds a great look with textures It makes it really easy to change up your look, not to mention, if there isn’t an easy spot to change, you can vary your look by taking away or adding a layer.

Senior Style Pinterest Board

Change it up some…bring something casual, a little bit dressy…even something a little crazy. Yes, you want to at least have one outfit that mom thinks is great, and we can follow those up with your fun looks. But remember, if you are wearing black underwear and switch into those white pants….it will be obvious, so plan for those clothing changes.

Don’t forget the little things….make sure you bring shoes to match each outfit….earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves can all help to bring your look together, but you don’t want them to overwhelm you, so keep it simple.

Flatter yourself….if you are self conscious about your arms, don’t wear sleeveless. Wear what you feel comfortable in, and it will translate well in print.

Ladies….make-up should go on a little heavier than normal. Avoid sparkly eye shadows since it usually just translates into a shiny look in print. Don’t forget to touch up that manicure/pedicure as well, nothing worse than chipped polish.

high school senior playing guitar

Guys….make sure you have a nice clean shave….unless you like the stubbly look. Editing out razor burn and acne is standard, however editing out stubble is an extra charge.

Looking to get a new hair cut? Do it a week or so before our session so you have time to get your look down.

Feel free to bring any props you would like to be photographed with such as sporting equipment, instrument, uniforms, or even that cool classic car you restored.

Finally, the best advice I give is to Google. Check out other senior portraits you like…what are they wearing? You have a favorite clothing store? Check out their site to see the looks they have put together. Heck, even Pinterest has some fantastic looks for you to browse for ideas, check out my Senior Style board for ideas!

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