Britt Anderson

Nick Part II | Grayslake North Senior Photographer – Class of 2013

After an awesome urban session in downtown Grayslake, we brought our second session out to the baseball fields…Nick is a second baseman for the Grayslake North Knights!

Grayslake North High School Senior Portraits

grayslake north high school senior photography

Grayslake North High School Senior Photography

The final part of our session was interesting to say the least. See Nick’s mom has no fear (I may even bring her on staff to help be scout locations!). She wanted a run down, rustic, barn feel. I hadn’t had any luck finding such a location. But Stephanie had no problem finding this awesome spot and asking the owners if we could shoot there! We headed out and sure enough, this place was awesome. The barn had not been used in years….as a matter of fact, I don’t think we could have gotten into if we had tried. It had the perfect mix of worn wood planks, broken concrete, and vines all over the place.

Grayslake North Senior Photographer

Grayslake North High School Senior Photography

My session with Nick was great….even though senior portraits aren’t typically a thing guys look forward to, Nick did a fantastic job. I bet if you asked him, he would say it was pretty painless.

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