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High School Senior Girl Drinking Coffee

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Hopefully this page can give you the information you need to book with me! If not, do not hesitate to contact me and I will give you what you need!

High School Senior Girl Drinking Coffee


Hopefully this page can give you the information you need to book with me! If not, do not hesitate to contact me and I will give you what you need!

Question 01 : When should I have my senior portraits taken?

The first thing I ask is, do you need one for the yearbook? If so, you need to take it in plenty of time to have it submitted by your school's deadline. Otherwise, you can have it take any time you wish! Fall (right when school starts) and Spring (right before graduation) are the most popular times, which means availability is tight. During those times it is best to book at least 3 months in advance.


Question 02 : Where does the session take place?

Depending on the session you choose, you will have 1-2 locations for your session. I have plenty of locations I love to shoot at, so I can give you some suggestions at our consultation.


Question 03 : How long will my shoot be?

Whatever session you choose will determine how long your shoot will be. It could be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. You can read more about my sessions by contacting me and I will send you more info.


Question 04 : Do you provide a hair and makeup service?

While it is not required, I do recommend having at least your makeup done with a professional. I have several people I can get you in touch with if you need someone!

Question 05 : What if it rains?

If the weather isn't cooperating, we will reschedule. I typically make these calls at least 2-3 hours before our scheduled session.


Question 06 : How many outfits can I bring?

I will tell you, any number you wish! However, in order to not take up shooting time with numerous changes, I say anywhere between 2-4 is perfect. At the consultation we can talk about specific outfit ideas.


Question 07 : I'm nervous about my session. What do you suggest?

We have a consultation before the session that allows us to get to know each other better. That way I can ease any nerves and get a better idea of your style.

Question 08 : Do you offer digitals?

I do offer digital files, in a variety of formats. You can find all my offerings in my Print and Products catalog. Please contact me for a copy.

Question 09 : How can I become a Britt Anderson Seniors Team Member?

I am so glad you asked! I would LOVE for you to become one of my team members! I typically start looking for the next year's class in January of their junior year. So I will be looking for Class of 2021 next. If you are interested, contact a current team member for information.



Your senior experience with Britt Anderson Seniors is a once in a lifetime event. I pride myself in offering the best quality prints and products to showcase the images that I know you will love.

I offer three different sessions to meet your needs, including a yearbook session if you are just looking for something to submit to your school.

Please contact me today to get my current Prints and Product Guide.

Client Love
Client Love

eleni buss

“I loved working with Britt. I have never had much experience in front of the camera, but after just one session with her I felt like a pro. Working with Britt built my confidence up and made me feel great about myself. All of her sessions were so fun and she does an amazing job portraying our individual personalities in just one snapshot.”

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