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About the Artist

Hershey Kiss Starbucks City Color HD Powder

North Shore and Lake County Senior Photographer

Meet Britt Anderson

Photographer  |  Teacher  |  Momma

Welcome to Britt Anderson Seniors….where I create images that reflect what you are all about….make some pretty incredible senior portraits for you to look back on and be thrilled you had taken.

I’m Britt and I actually went to college to be a teacher, and a teacher I was for 12 years. I think that is why I seem to connect so well with high school seniors, I “get it”.

I love senior portraits….so many possibilities….each session catered to what YOU like and what YOU want….with a little bit of mom and dad thrown in. I approach each session as a unique opportunity to find out what you are about and how you want to be represented.

So, about my favorite things…Miss Thing is obvious. My little girl is 9 years old and pretty much the best thing ever. Annika (rhymes with Hanukkah) may even show up to a meeting since she loves helping out and meeting new seniors. Starbucks…I am pretty specific. It has to be a venti, non-fat, decaf caramel macchiato. Yes, decaf…I have enough energy without the added stimulant! The mint truffle Hershey kiss….well, I may or may not have a stockpile of them in my office since they are only available at Christmas time. Try them, they are ah-ma-zing. Finally, City Color HD Powder. This is the best powder to start your face with, especially when you are getting you photograph taken! It sets your foundation and makes your skin perfect in front of the camera.


Britt Anderson Seniors Mission

With Britt Anderson Seniors, my goal is to capture you at your best during this amazing time in your life. Your senior year, it is one you will never forget. It is a time where you can’t wait to move on, yet can’t imagine leaving behind. I aim to convey your spirit and your personality through photography. You will receive portraits that truly reflect who you are through high quality prints, canvases and albums. Britt Anderson Seniors is a leading senior photographer in the Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois areas.

About-Contact-ImageI would love to hear from you! When you contact me, we will talk about finding a time to go over what you are looking for. We want to be able to make sure I am a good fit for you. I often meet potential clients at a local coffee shop (my treat!) and go over what you want from your senior portraits and how I can make that happen for you. But if time is of the essence, we can chat over email or phone (but I always prefer meeting in person, any chance to get some coffee right?).